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About Me: Your Go To Girl

I'm a product junkie! Some of my earliest memories include playing with my mom's make-up. Picture mid-1980s blue and green eye-shadow and pink lipstick. While I have always loved playing with different products and looks, I had an inkling there might be a dark side to consider.

About 20 years ago, my darling aunt was diagnosed with a terminal illness that affects more women than men. It got me thinking about women's beauty products-- make-up, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, hair color, perfume, you name it. I dug around and found some cleaner lines but nothing seemed to have that long-lasting, smooth velvety finish as the crap-filled products.

Right now there are so many companies that offer cleaner products there is no reason to use chemical-infused products. I began directing my friends to healthier beauty products because I was putting in the research and wanted to help.

For a while, I promoted one particular line of products, but found that only some were what I would consider healthy and only some were actually good, so I decided to get out of that and focus on what I enjoy best, talking to my friends about my experiences with different products, sharing advice and insights, all the while getting to be like a kid again, trying on my mom's make-up. This time, though, I'm doing it for a purpose: to make sure we all have long, healthy, beautiful lives.

Everyone needs a one-stop spot to find cleaner beauty products and get the inside scoop on the good, bad, and ugly from a trusted source that is tired of the BS. On Go To Girl, you get it all right at your finger tips. All products featured are cleaner beauty products for face, eyes, lips and body.

Thanks for stopping by!

XO abby